[eng/nor: raven/ravn]

At dawn, Norse god Odin sent out his ravens to gather information. In the evening they returned to the god's shoulders and whispered the news of the wide world into his ears.

With this information Odin ruled the world wisely.

A vendor agnostic consulting company helping clients instrument their value chain using traceability technology like RFID, unique barcodes, GPS, GSM and standardized data exchange.


Advisory services to company's wanting to excel in their business execution and utilize state of the art technology doing so.

Education services on techical and strategic level on utilization of traceability technologies to improve supply chain visibility and improve execution of business processes.


  • Instrumented value chains
  • Beyond Asset Management
  • Intelligent MRO
  • Automating data capture processes
  • Fully automated processes
  • Visibility
  • Automation 


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